Government Relations and Advocacy

 The government is an ever-growing and complex system today, which makes it increasingly difficult to understand how to approach, often leaving individuals, businesses, and even entire industries, without the means to have their issues heard.

Government relations is the process of educating the various stakeholders regarding the governmental process and the effects and consequences that legislation may have upon businesses, industries and individuals.

With nearly a decade of experience in government relations and advocacy work, we can help you develop a strategic plan to address your issues at the appropriate levels of government and to develop solutions with the appropriate stakeholders to resolve those issues.

As a member of the National Institute for Lobbying and Ethics, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in the industry of government relations and advocacy in support our client’s and the public’s interests. (See N.I.L.E. Code of Ethics)

Many times, the issues that individuals, businesses and industry groups face can be complex, causing indecision in whether or not to pursue government channels to address the issue. This is why we offer a free consultation regarding any issue, to help you review the matter and determine if advocacy or approaching the problem through government relations is an appropriate method of addressing your issue.